Millions of people like you go to work every day from 9am to 5pm, working the 9 to 5 rut. You spend your lives working for someone else, performing a task while a chain of management and bosses reap the profits of your labor.

Your ideas, your energy, and your life are spent on making your employer very wealthy.

As a successful self employed business person, I have spent much of my time helping to teach people how to be successful and work for themselves.

Diamond Dash, a publication that teaches people how to generate an alternative income stream. The book is inspired by a video I saw many years ago where a former diamond setter became urban miner and was making as much as $800 per week simply sifting through dirt in major metropolitan areas.

Yes, this is a real thing... take a look.

This is pretty amazing; the fact that a person can generate $800 weekly just by digging in the cracks of a city. Stories like these aren't just random entertaining anomalies that happen to "lucky people". There are countless stories like this one that happen all over the world.

Diamond Dash isn't just about urban mining. Have you ever heard the story about the 14 year old girl who went onto Craigslist with a paperclip and bartered her way all the way up to owning a house. You would be amazed to learn about the power of bartering and how it can generate you a steady income.

The Diamond Dash publication highlights these kinds of success stories and teaches you essential skills that you will use to come up with your own ideas, and be able to duplicate what others are doing in order to generate an alternative income.

It is my goal to reach out and personally inspire a spark of motivation within you which will lead to success and prosperity through the stories within Diamond Dash.

If this book can help you generate an alternative income stream that can help you gain a greater financial freedom, and help you maximize the money you earn from your work; isn't it worth taking some time to read?


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